Welcome to The A.R.F $LAB!


Our Story

Anatomy NFT was created by NFT enthusiasts, and the art created is top notch. Unfortunately due to some complications within the Lab some experiments failed and barely made it.

Experiment I was the release of Anatomies on the Cardano Blockchain, this was a success.

Experiment II was evolving these Anatomies into Bionic Anatomies, this is where some problems started to occur! The evolution of the Bionics was the only one that made it!

Experiment III & Experiment IIII were the Animal and Human evolutions, which never saw the light of day! These experiments where scrapped for the time-being, but we haven't given up just yet, and created Experiment 0.

Experiment 0 is created in the form of a token called $LAB, with this we'll build our foundation, and one day we'll see if we could revive the unfulfilled experiments.

To be continued...


Staking / Dripping 40%

This function will be used in our Discord server where we to drip percentages of $LAB, drip daily to get a higher streak of dripping.

Pre-Sale 25%

Total supply of 40.000.000 tokens, 25% of the token supply will be distributed in our pre-sale.

DEX LP 20%

DEX initial tokens deposit along with a large portion of the pre-sale proceeds.

Development 10%

Partnerships, further development of website, NFT collection (using Anatomy medicines).

Community Wallet 5%

To give back to our holders we will use this for giveaways and community engagement.


Q2 2023

Drips of $LAB in server

New Discord

New X/Twitter

Migrate & Merge

Q3 2023

Website Development




Q4 2023

Lab Pass mint

Add Lab Pass to staking and drip services

Poker tournaments for Lab Pass holders

Website Updates

VIP New Year's Eve Party

Q1 2024

Design NFT (EXP 2 & EXP 3 & EXP 4 = EXP 5)

Mint EXP V



Riicoo90 (Ricardo Kind)

Riicoo90 (Ricardo Kind)


NFT enthusiast, crypto investor, and has a lot of love for the Anatomy community



Community Manager

Graphic Designer

CNFT Enthusiast, father of 3 children



Fullstack Developer

I started my career as Fullstack Developer in 2020 & have been involved in the crypto & NFT space since 2021.